Let’s Golf

Developer: Gameloft
Price: $4.99
Let’s Golf by Gameloft is a golfing game for Android phones that is rich in features.  The gameplay is intuitive, as you touch the screen to both start, then stop your swing.  While the ball is in the air, you can put spin on it by swiping the screen, which has a noticeable affect how the ball bounces and rolls.  The spin you put on a ball will make or break the shot many times throughout the game.  What actually happens next is based on your golfer’s stats.  By completing tournaments with your golfer, you unlock different clothing, hairstyle, and golf ball options, each of which has an effect on your play.  For example, the first unlockable is a school girl outfit, which will increase the female character’s accuracy and recovery, but will decrease her power.  You can also eventually unlock better characters.  Once you reach the green, a topology grid appears to help direct your putting.  Another cool mode is multiplayer, which allows you to either play against someone locally, or through the internet.

Let’s Golf provides you with the correct amount of guidance to make the game flow without turning the game into a gimmick.  For each shot, an approximate landing area is shown on the display of the hole, however you can adjust this as needed.  Additionally, a recommended club is chosen for you, which you can easily change with the flick of a finger.  Furthermore, based on your distance to the pin, a marker is set showing you how much power you should put on your shots.

While all those features are great, what makes Let’s Golf an entertaining game are the courses themselves.  Each course is beautifully modeled using 3D rendering.  More importantly, each hole has a unique feel to it.  Gameloft combines different elevations, curves, and hazards to individualize each hole, and its obvious after playing that they succeed on this front.  This prevents the game from becoming stale.  The only qualm some will have with this game is that it is not on the Google market, meaning you will have to purchase it directly through Gameloft’s site.  If this bothers you, make sure to check their terms of use before purchasing.  If you don’t care, Let’s Golf is the game for you if you want the Tiger Woods experience on your phone (minus the Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’Roll of course).