Developer: ellimark
Price: €.99
BasketBall is a simple, yet incredibly addictive app.  You have a sideline view of half of a basketball court, and you’re goal is to make the shot.  The ball will randomly generate somewhere on the screen, and using your phone’s touch screen, the game will draw a trajectory line for you, showing the movement of the basketball up to its highest point.  By moving your finger, you can adjust the line, and letting go shoots the ball.  The rim and backboard are a little unforgiving, so it will take some time to start shooting like Larry Bird.

The game has a few different game modes, such as timed shoot-around and horse against the computer.  To unlock harder levels, you need to reach a set score on the easiest setting.  Also, there are three different trajectory modes, allowing you to figure out which one suites your style.  You will spend most of your time playing the Network Challenge mode of this game, and understandably.  It throws you onto a server with everyone else currently playing this mode, and ranks your performance in real time.  At the end of the round, you will see exactly how you did compared to everyone else on the same set of shots.  This allows you to play against a friend.

BasketBall is an excellent game that runs smoothly, even online.  The one aspect the game is lacking, as mentioned by users, is the lack of a local multiplayer horse mode.  However, this is an easy fix for the developers, and we should see it in a future update.  Buy this game if you are a basketball fan, enjoy physics-based gameplay, or are looking for a simple time-killer.