Baseball Superstars 2010

Developer: GAMEVIL Inc.
Price: $5.99
Baseball Superstars 2010 is a game directed to the true baseball fan.  The gameplay is what you would expect from a baseball game.  Some will find this appealing, while others will find it repetitive.  The both looks and runs like a Gameboy game, with few buttons and cartoonish graphics.  Again, this will appeal to some and annoy others.  You will spend the majority of your time in either the customizable Create-a-Player mode or the season mode.  In the Create-a-Player mode, you have goals for each season, and completing them will increase your stats, popularity and money.  You only play your at bats, so you can tear through games in very little time.  In the season mode, you also have goals, but you control the entire team, including the pitcher.

Baseball Superstars 2010 is a typical baseball game.  You know exactly what your getting into and it delivers what is expected…nothing more, nothing less.  The hitting and pitching mechanics could employ better use of the touch screen to add to the gaming experience.  Furthermore, this game seems to have a few bugs.  I experienced force close issues upon exiting then reentering the game, while many users have complained about lag on older models.  Try this game out if you are really into baseball games, but be prepared to return it as it falls below the Mendoza line for its steep price tag of $5.99.