Backbreaker Football

Developer: NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Price: $2.99
Backbreaker Football is a game recently released for major gaming consoles.  While it is not going to overthrow Madden as King of the virtual Gridiron, the mobile version of the game is an entertaining way to move the chains until opening kickoff.  In Backbreaker, your goal is to reach the endzone while avoiding tacklers and racking up points.  To do this, you have a juke, spin, sprint, and showboat button at your disposal.  As you move through each challenge, waves get progressively harder forcing you to think on the fly.  Furthermore, in the later waves Backbreaker significantly narrows your running lane, forcing you to carefully choose how you’re going to attack each incoming linebacker.  The key to gaining enough points to unlock harder levels is through showboating, but be careful…you’re not Deion Sanders high-stepping down the sideline.  A defender will catch you if you showboat to early, costing you a precious down.

The game engine is where Backbreaker truly shines.  The 3D graphics and collisions are unparalleled on a mobile device.  While playing this game, you gain a sense of how far technology has come in the past few years.  The tackling animations seem random, so each hit sends you flying in a unique, yet real fashion as if it was Ray Lewis delivering the blow.  Player movement using your phone’s accelerometer makes the game engaging.  The subsequently harder unlockable challenges add length to the game, while the challenge a friend feature adds the competitiveness that is crucial in keeping any game fresh.

Backbreaker is an amazing game that runs flawlessly on a newer phone.  The only holdup is complaints of lagging on older models, so try it out and worst case scenario, return it within 24 hours.  This game is a must buy for football fans or anyone who wants to see the full capabilities of their new Android phone.