Endomondo Sports Tracker

Developer: Endomondo
Price: Free
Endomondo Sports Tracker is the perfect running partner.  It keeps track of your time, distance, and speed, as expected.  You can also set a distance goal, and change the sport from running to waling, cycling, blading, etc.  The coolest feature of Endomondo Sports Tracker is its ability to display your route using GPS, which is awesome.  By creating a free account, you can fully experience all this app has to offer.  You can keep post all of your runs online through endomondo.com, as view everyone else’s routes.  This is a great motivational tool, especially if you have a friend also using the app.  Additionally, the app features an audio coach, that will provide vocal motivation for your runs.  This is a great app, and as many of the comments mention, we’re lucky its free.  Grab Endomondo Sports Tracker for free while you can if you run.  You’ll be surprised how cool it is to watch your routes progress over time.