DroidFit – Workout, Fitness, Gym

Developer: DroidFit Technology Group
Price: Free
Whether your squatting 450 pounds or curling a 2.5 pound barbell (yes, they exist), if you go to the gym, DroidFit is for you.  DroidFit puts the knowledge and resources of a bodybuilder in the palm of your sweaty hand.  Once you create a profile, you can set your fitness goals for each muscle group.  You can also edit your weekly routine, and your daily routine for each muscle group.  The app comes loaded with an extensive library of exercises to choose from, each with an animated action video.  For those of you who already have a routine, you can add exercises to the list.

Once your ready to hit the gym, DroidFit allows you to log each exercise you do, and will graph what should be your improvements.  DroidFit also has a rest timer, so you can accurately pace yourself through your routine.  Another sweet feature is the app will project your 1-rep max using a complex formula for every exercise, and you use the metric system, DroidFit has you covered with kilograms and centimeters.  DroidFit is a phenomenal app that will both educate and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.  This is a must download for all gym-goers.