Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Developer: FatSecret
Price: Free
Whatever your diet plan is, whether its to cut calories or to pack on the protein, Calorie Counter by FatSecret is the perfect tool to help you achieve your nutrition goals.  This app will help you out whether you’re looking for the right food at a supermarket, or trying to pick out an appropriate meal at a restaurant. The Barcode Scan is easily this apps coolest feature.  By scanning any food item’s barcode, you are immediately presented with all of its nutritional data.  Additionally, you can sort through most major supermarket chains and find the item you’re looking for manually.  If you are out to eat at any chain, odds are the dish you plan on ordering is listed.

Once you find your food option, you can add it to your Food Diary, which will keep track of all your nutritional information for the day.  By also using the Exercise Diary, which keeps track of the calories you burn for each activity performed throughout the day, you can compare your daily calorie intake vs. output.  The Diet Calender will combine these two statistics over a monthly view, to paint you the big picture.  Furthermore, using the Weight Tracker, you can keep track of your weight and see how close you are to achieving your goals.  Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a phenomenal app, and is perfect for you if you have specific nutritional goals, or if you simply want to get a general idea of the nutrition behind the food you’re eating.  For those who want to take it a step further, you can sync all your data with, giving you access to a wide array of info, as well as a supportive online community.