Developer: MakeMobile
Price: $2.99
CoursePro is an all encompassing app for college students that will keep you on top off your courses and assignments.  With minimal setup, CoursePro will not only remind you when your assignments are due, but it will also allow keep track of your grades.  To get started, you add all your courses.  Then, for each specific course, you can add assignment types (homework, quizzes, exams), the percentage they factor into your grade, and how many are dropped.  An example would be exams make up 60% of my grade, with the lowest one being dropped.  Then, within each assignment type, you can add specific assignments.  So, you add in the first exam, CoursePro will remind you when its coming up, then you can add your grade in afterwards.

Once you start adding grades in, CoursePro will accurately calculate your exact grade in a course based on the weight of each assignment.  Pretty cool.  Additionally, you can view your GPA for each course, the semester, and even your cumulative GPA if you desire.  Bonus feature – ability to sort assignments by completion.  With CoursePro in your pocket, you will always know when upcoming assignments are due, as well as the grade you’ll need on the final to bump your average up to that elusive 89.5% for the A-.  Download this app if your a student who wants to stay on top of school.