Should I Drive??

Developer: BURMAT
Price: Free
Should I Drive?? acts as a Blood Alcohol Content approximator.  It’s not a breathalyzer.  Its a BAC approximator, meaning due to the amount of variables in play, your BAC could be higher or lower than what it says.  It will, however, give you a close approximation, potential legal ramifications, and a suggestion to put down your keys.  Upon opening the app, you are asked your gender, weight, drinks and quantity, and time consuming.  The algorithm then pops out your approximated BAC.  It is simple enough to use that even if you are in no state to drive, you’ll be able to confirm that through the app.  Should I Drive?? is a good app for those who have a few drinks and then drive, or simply want to know their BAC during an intense night of drinking without shelling out for a breathalyzer.