Power Hour for Android

Developer: LeffelMania
Price: $.99
For those of you who like to take on the occasional power hour, this is the app for you.  Power Hour for Android is the perfect power hour app, and is well worth the $.99 price tag.  The app allows you to create a playlist directly off your SD card, meaning you can choose the perfect songs for whatever the occasion might be.  Furthermore, after a minute, the phone will beep and shift into the next song, signaling its time to take yet another shot of beer.  You can tailor the interval time anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

Power Hour for Android displays the amount of shots left in your current beer, so when you fall behind from the inevitable bathroom break, you can easily catch up.  There is also a progress bar displayed, so you know how many shots you’ve taken, and how many more you have left, serving as a nice motivational tool for those struggling with the conquest.  Most importantly, the app is simple to use, so after one go around, you should have no problem setting up another power hour (the app won’t help you complete it though…). Power Hour for Android is the perfect power hour app, as it can do anything power hour related.  This is a must buy for those looking to complete a glorious power hour in style.