Pocket Drink Mixer

Developer: mypocket_technologies
Price: $1.99
The amount of drinks Pocket Drink Mixer contains will keep even an Irishman drunk til the next St. Patty’s Day.  With over 8000 drinks to choose from, this app could easily be a bartender’s encyclopedia.  The User Interface is simple to user, and you can search through the vast database alphabetically, by liquor, or by mixer.  Upon selecting a drink, you will receive the recipe a well as the best way to serve it.  Once you find a drink you like, you can add it to your favorites section, or you can save in your own modified version.  With Pocket Drink Mixer, you basically have a bartender in your pocket…the only limitation is what you have on your shelf.  This app does everything you would want from an alcoholic encyclopedia, and is an excellent app for those looking to try new drinks.