PhoneFraze Pro

Developer: TheAndroidWorks
Price: $3.99

PhoneFraze Pro is a must download for those that like word games.  This app is a take on the popular handheld game CatchPhrase.  The goal of the game is to lead your teammates into guessing your word without saying it. PhoneFraze Pro has extensive word lists over multiple diverse categories to keep the game fresh.  Additionally, there are instructions on how to play each of the three differing game modes.  
The clean and polished user interface make the game look very smooth.  Additionally, the game includes a handful of theme pack downloads to further add to the playing experience.  Bonus feature – the ability to choose the game’s music directly from your SD card.  These features differentiate PhoneFraze Pro from the other CatchPhrase-like apps out there. PhoneFraze Pro is a fantastic download if you enjoy word games or are looking for a great group game to play.