Extreme Hangman

Developer: SkyZone Entertainment
Price: $1.99
Extreme Hangman is the best hangman app out on the market due to the freshness it brings to the classic game.  This is not your typical hangman game.  Instead of merely body parts showing up upon missed letters, your stickfigure will battle another stickfigure to the death.  The game is set on a chalkboard, and on each screen there is an entertaining stickfigure animation.  When playing the game, you select from a wide list of categories.  You then use the touchscreen to guess letters.  The game offers three difficulties, and will give you hints if you want them.  Bonus feature – the game will store all your stats, such as win percentage.  Additionally, there is two player mode, so you can play a friend if you don’t have a pencil and paper. Extreme Hangman is a great take on the traditional game hangman.  Download if you want the most entertaining version of hangman on your phone.