SpongeBob Puzzle: Jigsaw

Developer: MonkeyPunch
Price: Free
If your kid likes SpongeBob, this is the app for you.  SpongBob Puzzle: Jigsaw will keep your child occupied for hours while attempting to construct scenes from the Nick show.  The concept of the game is to slide puzzle pieces around to for the correct picture.  This is not one of those impossibly frustrating slider games where you can only move into the empty space; all you have to do is drag the square to where you think it fits on the grid.  By forming one picture, you unlock the next one.  The puzzles get progressively more complex and the grid eventually evolves from 3×3 to 6×6.  A nice bonus feature included is that you can look through all the completed puzzles and make any one your wallpaper.  SpongeBob Puzzle: Jigsaw is a great app, as it will keep your child’s attention while developing spacial reasoning.  Download if your kid likes SpongeBob.