Preschool Learning

Developer: FunLIttleApps
Price: $2.37
Preschool Learning is an engaging app that will both entertain and teach toddlers.  There are four modes to choose from.  Alphabet Blocks presents a complete set of alphabet blocks for your child to play with.  By selecting a letter, you can view all sides of the cube using flick motions.  This is great to teach letters.  The next mode is Colors and Textures, which is a coloring book for kids.  By touching a sector, it will automatically be filled by the selected color.  There are a bunch of different options to mess around with for this one, so it will definitely keep your children occupied.  Letter Tracing is the next mode, which will teach your child how to draw numbers and letters using the touchscreen, which is a great tool.  The final mode is Match Party, which as you probably guessed is a basic matching game on a 5×5 grid.  It includes entertaining music, and the cards change from round to round.  Between the four modes, your young children will stay occupied while learning though this fantastic educational tool.