Othello Reversi

Developer: spwebgames.com
Price: Free
Othello Reversi is an app for the classic game where you try to capture your opponents pieces by sandwiching them between your own.  It is the strategic combination of checkers and dots.  This game is a lot of fun, and always challenging.  In the app, you can play against the computer, play locally against a friend, or play a stranger over the internet.  The one shortcoming is a lack of difficulty options.  However, the ability to play over the internet more than makes up for this, as its significantly more fun to beat up on a real person.  The online play is currently under development, but expect to see improvements in the coming updates, such as online rankings.  An innovative feature that cannot be fully appreciated until you play the game is the replay move button.  Unlike most of the games on the market, Othello Reversi makes you think about each move you’re making.  This is a great game for those who enjoy strategically dominating the competition.