– Play and Learn Chess

Price: Free – Play Chess & Learn is one of the mot extensive apps on the Android market, as it contains everything you could possibly want that’s related to history’s most tactical game.  It has all the basics you would expect from a chess app; the ability to play against the computer, against a local opponent, or against someone online.  You can adjust the computer’s difficulty based on the time it will take between moves, allowing you to fine tune the computer to your own abilities.

Now where shines is in its teaching aspects.  You can play though a wide variety of tactical scenarios, and the computer will tell you if you used the optimal strategy.  Additionally, the app grants you access to a video library of lessons that range from beginners to advanced, and from opening sequences to endgame tactics.  Each video has commentary that explains what is happening and why.  By signing up for a free account, the app will store your info and ranking, while linking you to an account on  As a free app, this is much less expensive and more friendly then a chess class or tutor. is a phenomenal app for chess players of all skill levels, as you can tailor the content to your exact needs.  So whether your learning what a castle is, or if your on your way to becoming the next Grandmaster, this app will help get you there.