Homerun Battle 3D

Developer: Com2uS
Price: Free
Homerun Battle 3D is one of the most instantly satisfying games for Android phones.  As the title indicates, this game is a home run derby.  Use your phone’s accelerometor to aim the bat, and tap the screen to crank one out of the park, all in impressive 3D graphics.  You can play locally against your own record, or you can battle a fellow slugger online.  The online play has two impressive features.  One is the picture-in-picture, which shows your opponent in the upper corner of the screen.  The second is the game’s cross-platform functionality – meaning you can challenge your iPhone toting friend to battle.

By going yard, you can earn new equipment that will improve your stats.  Additionally, after leveling up, you face increasingly more difficult pitchers that have better control, faster speeds, and more pitches (good luck hitting a knuckle-ball).  This game is a lot of fun, and it feels great when you send one over the wall.  If you want to know what its like to crank bombs without taking a needle to the ass, Homerun Battle 3D is the app to you.