Air Control

Developer: Logisoft Games
Price: Free
Air Control puts you on the flight deck, guiding an endless stream of planes and helicopters to a safe landing.   There are different types of planes, each a different size and speed, that you need to land on the corresponding runways.  Also, there are choppers that need to land on the helipad.  The game will warn you when a new plan is about to enter the screen, or when a collision is immanent.  To land a plane, all you have to do is touch it then draw a line to the runway with your finger.  Simple enough.

After a few flybys, multiple plans appear on the screen at the same time, requiring quick thinking, agility, and even some strategy, as its game over with a collision.  If you have problems multitasking, this is not the game for you.  Once you crash, the game gives you an aviation style ranking (co-pilot, ace pilot….) based on your percentile score.  Air Control has a few different maps to choose from, with each being a unique challenge.  This is the most addictive game I’ve found on the Android market, and is great to kill a few minutes.  Air Control will make you feel like your running Top Gun (minus the famously homoerotic volleyball scene), and you’ll feel Maverick’s pain when one of your planes goes down in flames.  I highly suggest this game for everybody, and is a must download for people who enjoy spacial puzzles.