Toss It

Developer: Boolba Labs LLC
Price: Free
Toss It is one of the most downloaded games on the Google market for good reason.  This app is almost as simple as it is addicting.  The premise is that you toss a crumpled up ball of paper into a trashcan.  However, there is a fan that changes speed with every shot, forcing you to adjust your trajectory accordingly.  The goal of the game is to make as many shots in a row as you can.  Once you reach a certain number of makes in a row, the game actually becomes intense, as you will want to top your friends’ high scores.

What makes Toss It better than the competition is the level selection.  There are 7 playable levels in the free version, as well as two demo levels, one of which has you throwing an iPhone into a trashcan.  What’s up Steve Jobs?  Each level has something unique about it, from varying distances to moving targets.  My favorite level has you change shooting positions each shot.  If you enjoy using your touch screen, or throwing a crumpled up ball of paper into a trashcan, you will love this app.  Toss It is the crack of the app world, each round is a short lived, but exhilarating thrill that will tempt you into playing just…one…more…round…