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Sports Radio Droid

Sports Radio Droid is a phenomenal app that allows you to listen in to sports radio stations across the nation.  This app flawlessly streams from a wide list of radio stations, and allows you to switch from one to another without any hesitation.  You can browse the stations by location, name, or your favorites (add by selecting star while listening).  Bonus feature – ability to pause the station and pick up where you left off.  Sports Radio Droid is a must download for sports fans.  I cannot overstate how clutch it is to listen to your local radio station when you’re away from home.


SportsTap dubs themselves as “the ultimate mobile sports portal,” and they aren’t wrong.  SportsTap is far and away the best sports news app out there.  You can choose from all the major sports, or select Local Tap which will display all sporing events and news within 50, 100, or 200 miles of your current location.  For each sport, you can view the latest news and transactions, pictures, standings, league leaders, schedules, and top stories.  If the sport is in season, you can view the full slate of games for any day.  If the game has already happened, you can view the box score or play-by-play, full statistics, and a recap.  For upcoming games, you can view the Accuscore projections, a matchup of stats, and a written preview.  Bonus feature – favorite team notifications. SportsTap is a must download for sports fans, and will certainly keep you informed on everything from how many games in a row the Orioles have lost to when Brett Farve is going to (un)retire again.

ScoreMobile for Android

ScoreMobile for Android takes score checking to the next level.  If you get stuck away from a TV during a major sports event, or worse, when one of your teams is playing, there is no need to worry.  ScoreMobile will keep you up to speed until you can sneak away to the nearest sports bar.  This app is very responsive, and will give you close to a live feed.  It has all the major sports, as well as a few of the big foreign soccer leagues.  Within each sport, you can search for scores, stats, standings, news, and videos, all of which will automatically update.  For the sports bettors out there, ScoreMobile will give you the start time, spread and the total for each game.  If you’re going to get caught without a TV during the game, at least don’t get caught without ScoreMobile for Android.