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Let’s Golf

Let’s Golf by Gameloft is a golfing game for Android phones that is rich in features.  The gameplay is intuitive, as you touch the screen to both start, then stop your swing.  While the ball is in the air, you can put spin on it by swiping the screen, which has a noticeable affect how the ball bounces and rolls.  The spin you put on a ball will make or break the shot many times throughout the game.  What actually happens next is based on your golfer’s stats.  By completing tournaments with your golfer, you unlock different clothing, hairstyle, and golf ball options, each of which has an effect on your play.  For example, the first unlockable is a school girl outfit, which will increase the female character’s accuracy and recovery, but will decrease her power.  You can also eventually unlock better characters.  Once you reach the green, a topology grid appears to help direct your putting.  Another cool mode is multiplayer, which allows you to either play against someone locally, or through the internet.

Let’s Golf provides you with the correct amount of guidance to make the game flow without turning the game into a gimmick.  For each shot, an approximate landing area is shown on the display of the hole, however you can adjust this as needed.  Additionally, a recommended club is chosen for you, which you can easily change with the flick of a finger.  Furthermore, based on your distance to the pin, a marker is set showing you how much power you should put on your shots.

While all those features are great, what makes Let’s Golf an entertaining game are the courses themselves.  Each course is beautifully modeled using 3D rendering.  More importantly, each hole has a unique feel to it.  Gameloft combines different elevations, curves, and hazards to individualize each hole, and its obvious after playing that they succeed on this front.  This prevents the game from becoming stale.  The only qualm some will have with this game is that it is not on the Google market, meaning you will have to purchase it directly through Gameloft’s site.  If this bothers you, make sure to check their terms of use before purchasing.  If you don’t care, Let’s Golf is the game for you if you want the Tiger Woods experience on your phone (minus the Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’Roll of course).

Baseball Superstars 2010

Baseball Superstars 2010 is a game directed to the true baseball fan.  The gameplay is what you would expect from a baseball game.  Some will find this appealing, while others will find it repetitive.  The both looks and runs like a Gameboy game, with few buttons and cartoonish graphics.  Again, this will appeal to some and annoy others.  You will spend the majority of your time in either the customizable Create-a-Player mode or the season mode.  In the Create-a-Player mode, you have goals for each season, and completing them will increase your stats, popularity and money.  You only play your at bats, so you can tear through games in very little time.  In the season mode, you also have goals, but you control the entire team, including the pitcher.

Baseball Superstars 2010 is a typical baseball game.  You know exactly what your getting into and it delivers what is expected…nothing more, nothing less.  The hitting and pitching mechanics could employ better use of the touch screen to add to the gaming experience.  Furthermore, this game seems to have a few bugs.  I experienced force close issues upon exiting then reentering the game, while many users have complained about lag on older models.  Try this game out if you are really into baseball games, but be prepared to return it as it falls below the Mendoza line for its steep price tag of $5.99.

Backbreaker Football

Backbreaker Football is a game recently released for major gaming consoles.  While it is not going to overthrow Madden as King of the virtual Gridiron, the mobile version of the game is an entertaining way to move the chains until opening kickoff.  In Backbreaker, your goal is to reach the endzone while avoiding tacklers and racking up points.  To do this, you have a juke, spin, sprint, and showboat button at your disposal.  As you move through each challenge, waves get progressively harder forcing you to think on the fly.  Furthermore, in the later waves Backbreaker significantly narrows your running lane, forcing you to carefully choose how you’re going to attack each incoming linebacker.  The key to gaining enough points to unlock harder levels is through showboating, but be careful…you’re not Deion Sanders high-stepping down the sideline.  A defender will catch you if you showboat to early, costing you a precious down.

The game engine is where Backbreaker truly shines.  The 3D graphics and collisions are unparalleled on a mobile device.  While playing this game, you gain a sense of how far technology has come in the past few years.  The tackling animations seem random, so each hit sends you flying in a unique, yet real fashion as if it was Ray Lewis delivering the blow.  Player movement using your phone’s accelerometer makes the game engaging.  The subsequently harder unlockable challenges add length to the game, while the challenge a friend feature adds the competitiveness that is crucial in keeping any game fresh.

Backbreaker is an amazing game that runs flawlessly on a newer phone.  The only holdup is complaints of lagging on older models, so try it out and worst case scenario, return it within 24 hours.  This game is a must buy for football fans or anyone who wants to see the full capabilities of their new Android phone.


BasketBall is a simple, yet incredibly addictive app.  You have a sideline view of half of a basketball court, and you’re goal is to make the shot.  The ball will randomly generate somewhere on the screen, and using your phone’s touch screen, the game will draw a trajectory line for you, showing the movement of the basketball up to its highest point.  By moving your finger, you can adjust the line, and letting go shoots the ball.  The rim and backboard are a little unforgiving, so it will take some time to start shooting like Larry Bird.

The game has a few different game modes, such as timed shoot-around and horse against the computer.  To unlock harder levels, you need to reach a set score on the easiest setting.  Also, there are three different trajectory modes, allowing you to figure out which one suites your style.  You will spend most of your time playing the Network Challenge mode of this game, and understandably.  It throws you onto a server with everyone else currently playing this mode, and ranks your performance in real time.  At the end of the round, you will see exactly how you did compared to everyone else on the same set of shots.  This allows you to play against a friend.

BasketBall is an excellent game that runs smoothly, even online.  The one aspect the game is lacking, as mentioned by users, is the lack of a local multiplayer horse mode.  However, this is an easy fix for the developers, and we should see it in a future update.  Buy this game if you are a basketball fan, enjoy physics-based gameplay, or are looking for a simple time-killer.