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Happy Hours

We can all agree that there are few things more disheartening then showing up at a bar after a hard day of work only to realize happy hour ended 10 minutes ago.  Never again.  Happy Hours is a phenomenal app that will ensure your happy hour is just that.  This app will display all the current happy hour specials for your current location and time.  For each specific restaurant, the exact special is listed (2 for 1 domestic beers, for example) as well as the ending time of the special and the restaurant’s distance from you.  By selecting a resteraunt, you can see the percentage of people who like its happy hour or vote on it yourself.  Additionally, you can call the restaurant or pull it up on google maps.  If you want to go to a specific area, you can view all the happy hour locations on a map.  You can also filter the list of resteraunts by location, time of special, and type of cuisine.  Bonus feature – ability to sort by features, such as outdoor seating, live entertainment, pitcher specials, etc…)  Happy Hours is very easy to use, and I highly suggest it for anyone looking to enjoy a happy hour.


cab4me is a cool app that will seamlessly get you inside of a cab as quick as possible.  This app will search for all the cab depots within a 10 mile radius of your current location, and list the possibilities with their distance from you and a rating.  By selecting a company, you can see what services they offer, payment options, available cars (or limos if you’re feeling it), or you can simply call the company.  You can also view your recent called companies, as well as a list of your favorites.  Bonus feature – if you don’t know where you are, that’s ok, as your GPS will notify the cab company with your location.  Download cab4me if you want to maximize the efficiency of using taxis.

Bars & Clubs

If your looking for a particular type of bar, Bars & Clubs is the app for you.  Whether you want to sing some karaoke on Friday after work, hit a gentleman’s club Saturday night, or catch the game Sunday afternoon, Bars & Clubs has you covered with 18 categories to choose from.  Once you select a category, you’re presented with a list of possibilities, each with an address and distance from your current location.  By choosing a bar, you can get directions via google maps, call the bar, or share your selection with a friend.  The one thing this app is missing is a rating system.  Bars & Clubs is a great app for whatever you’re getting into on a Saturday night.