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Livo Recorder Pro

Livo Recorder Pro is an app for those who want to record music, events, or even conversations on their phone.  With the app, you can take high quality recordings, and organize them by title, name, date, or length.  Additionally, you can schedule a recording, or enter Stealth mode which will disable all of Livo’s notifications.  It’s no wonder this is President Nixon’s favorite app.  Livo Recorder Pro is a great app, and will fulfill all of your recording desires.

Mobile Metronome

Mobile Metronome can take care of all your tempo needs.  Not only is it accurate, but it is also easier to use than a physical matronome.  You can choose any tempo between 30 and 230 bpms, or you can tap in your own beat and it will tell you the tempo, which is a lot of fun.  Additionally, you can choose a time signature as well as the beat subdivision.  You can also choose among 4 different sounds to pace yourself.  If you need a metronome to play an instrument, this is the app for you.

Tuner – gStrings+

Tuner – gStings+ is far and away the best tuner on the market.  It works for piano, string instruments, and wind instruments.  gStrings+ allows you to play the target note (or its sharp), and then tune your instrument precisely down to a tenth of a Hertz using your phone’s microphone.  It can also tell you what note you are currently playing if you are unsure.  Additionally there are a wide variety of setting, enabling you to adjust the tuner to your exact needs.  You can specify your instrument for optimal precision, change the scale range, or even tune specifically for an orchestra.  Also, there are multiple skins allowing you to adjust the color if you are so inclined.  With gStrings+ in your pocket, you are always prepared to tune any instrument.