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Mathdroid turns your phone into a scientific calculator.  It can do all the basic functions any calculator can, as well as some more advanced calculations such as algebra and trigonometry.    The multi-line display allows you to see your last three equations, which is incredibly helpful in coalition with the copy and paste feature.  Mathdroid isn’t going to replace your TI-89 math majors, but for the rest of you it is a free alternative to a very expensive calculator you’re barely going to use anyway.  Download Mathdroid if you need to use a calculator infrequently.

StudyDroid flashcards

StudyDroid flashcards is the perfect on-the-go companion for the flashcard-making studier.  Suprisingly, this app enables you to make flashcards on your phone.  You can make packs of cards with fronts and backs, and easily flip through them.  Once you have a card down, mark it as known and it will automatically go to the back of the pack.  Additionally, you can shuffle the pack, or display all fronts/backs of the cards.  The main screen will let you know the ratio of known to unkown cards in each pack.

While this is all cool, where StudyDroid truly shines is with online syncing.  By signing up for a free account, you can do all the creation online, then sync it to your phone for studying anytime.  This is infinitely easier than typing up flashcards on your phone’s keypad.  Bonus feature – ability to share and download user packs, so you probably won’t have to create one anyway!  Download StudyDroid if you use flashcards to study.


CoursePro is an all encompassing app for college students that will keep you on top off your courses and assignments.  With minimal setup, CoursePro will not only remind you when your assignments are due, but it will also allow keep track of your grades.  To get started, you add all your courses.  Then, for each specific course, you can add assignment types (homework, quizzes, exams), the percentage they factor into your grade, and how many are dropped.  An example would be exams make up 60% of my grade, with the lowest one being dropped.  Then, within each assignment type, you can add specific assignments.  So, you add in the first exam, CoursePro will remind you when its coming up, then you can add your grade in afterwards.

Once you start adding grades in, CoursePro will accurately calculate your exact grade in a course based on the weight of each assignment.  Pretty cool.  Additionally, you can view your GPA for each course, the semester, and even your cumulative GPA if you desire.  Bonus feature – ability to sort assignments by completion.  With CoursePro in your pocket, you will always know when upcoming assignments are due, as well as the grade you’ll need on the final to bump your average up to that elusive 89.5% for the A-.  Download this app if your a student who wants to stay on top of school.