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Extreme Hangman

Extreme Hangman is the best hangman app out on the market due to the freshness it brings to the classic game.  This is not your typical hangman game.  Instead of merely body parts showing up upon missed letters, your stickfigure will battle another stickfigure to the death.  The game is set on a chalkboard, and on each screen there is an entertaining stickfigure animation.  When playing the game, you select from a wide list of categories.  You then use the touchscreen to guess letters.  The game offers three difficulties, and will give you hints if you want them.  Bonus feature – the game will store all your stats, such as win percentage.  Additionally, there is two player mode, so you can play a friend if you don’t have a pencil and paper. Extreme Hangman is a great take on the traditional game hangman.  Download if you want the most entertaining version of hangman on your phone.

Word Collapse

Word Collapse is a phenomenal word game app.  The goal of the game is to clear the board by forming words – essentially reverse scrabble.  There are three different game modes, presented with a very clean user interface.  In Spot A Word you simply have to clear as much of the board as possible.  In Letterfall, you have to clear the board as quickly is possible while letters fall from the top.  Both of these modes offer timed and untimed play.  In Untwist, you have to unscramble the letters to form a word.  This mode has several levels of difficulty. Word Collapse is a great game for those that like Scrabble or Text Twist.  This app is a must download if you enjoy word games.

PhoneCharades Pro

PhoneCharades Pro is hands down the best Charades game out on the market.  It is made by the same developers as PhoneFraze Pro, so it has many of the same features.  The game includes informative instructions, three distinct game modes, and creative categories.  The same polished user interface from PhoneFraze makes PhoneCharades Pro operate smoothly.  Once again, this is the best Charades game out there and will provide great entertainment for a large group.  This is a must download for those who enjoy playing Charades.

PhoneFraze Pro

PhoneFraze Pro is a must download for those that like word games.  This app is a take on the popular handheld game CatchPhrase.  The goal of the game is to lead your teammates into guessing your word without saying it. PhoneFraze Pro has extensive word lists over multiple diverse categories to keep the game fresh.  Additionally, there are instructions on how to play each of the three differing game modes.  
The clean and polished user interface make the game look very smooth.  Additionally, the game includes a handful of theme pack downloads to further add to the playing experience.  Bonus feature – the ability to choose the game’s music directly from your SD card.  These features differentiate PhoneFraze Pro from the other CatchPhrase-like apps out there. PhoneFraze Pro is a fantastic download if you enjoy word games or are looking for a great group game to play.